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Emergency Management

ORLEN has taken a risk-based approach when it comes to an integrated loss management strategy:

  1. Identify key risks and implement controls designed to prevent those risks from causing a loss.
  2. Effectively manage (mitigate) the consequences if a loss does occur through effective response procedures and plans.

The ability to effectively respond to an emergency or incident is a key part of a successful risk management strategy.

ORLEN has a comprehensive Emergency Management Program in place to ensure personnel are fully prepared and capable of effectively responding to any level of emergency that occurs at an ORLEN property, asset or worksite. Emergency preparedness and response includes all activities done prior to an emergency so that designated personnel are ready and able to respond quickly and appropriately, as well as those activities that take place during the incident. 


ORLEN Upstream Canada is committed to safe, compliant and environmentally conscious operations for the benefit of employees, contractors, shareholders, and the communities we operate in. Our Health, Safety, and Environment culture is built on a foundation of value that is achieved through visible leadership, responsibility, and working together as a team to manage a safe, compliant and environmentally conscious workplace.


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