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Health and Safety
ORLEN Upstream Canada has a commitment to “Zero Harm” through an integrated loss management strategy that includes:

  • A comprehensive Health and Safety Management System – comprised of programs and standards designed to prevent losses and protect workers.
  • Reporting and analysis of Key Performance Indicators to understand the source of workplace risks and take action to prevent incidents from occurring.
  • Clear responsibilities at all levels of the organization to report incidents and near misses, identify and control hazards, promote safe work behaviors, and comply with all applicable rules and legislation.
  • Management Commitment at all levels of the organization to ensure responsibilities are understood and resources are provided to meet them.
  • Processes to ensure workers are trained and competent to perform their tasks.


ORLEN Upstream Canada’s safety culture is built on a foundation of value through:

Visible leadership and commitment to a safe workplace, from senior management to the front-line.

Ensuring all workers understand the workplace risks, are well-trained to manage those risks, and communicate consistently as a team.

Expecting individuals to take responsibility for their own safety as well as for the safety of others.



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