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PKN ORLEN among the world’s most ethical companies again


​For the second time PKN ORLEN has been awarded the prestigious title of The World’s Most Ethical Company by an international panel of experts at the US Ethisphere Institute.

The title of The World’s Most Ethical Company is awarded by a team of international specialists in business ethics and best commercial practices. The experts select the winners by means of the Ethics Quotient™ scoring system, which comprehensively verifies the capability to apply ethical business practices in the process of building a company’s position on the market. When assessing individual enterprises, the experts consider such areas as corporate governance, social responsibility, building human capital, and solutions for development of innovation capacity. The title is awarded for one year; after this time companies may undergo re-verification.

“External assessment made by the US Ethisphere Institute provides a perspective on what has already been achieved and allows to think about what still needs to be done is such a complex organisation as ORLEN. That’s why we treat the title of The World’s Most Ethical Company not only as a great honour but also as a motivation for further work on the upgrading of standards and the improvement of solutions applied in the area of business ethics,” says Jacek Krawiec, President of the Management Board of PKN ORLEN.
The Ethisphere Institute experts appreciated the organisational culture of the Corporation built on the basis of corporate values, which are uniform for all companies of the ORLEN Group. These values assume sustainable development of the company, consistent with the interest of broadly defined groups of stakeholders. The World’s Most Ethical Company award has been granted since 2006. In addition to PKN ORLEN, the list of 2015 winners includes, among others: GE, Ford Motor Company, Microsoft, Visa Inc., Iberdrola, and L’ORÉAL.
The Ethisphere Institute is an independent research centre which promotes the best practices and ethics in business, as well as the highest standards of governance in the management of relationships with employees, business partners, investors, and market regulators. The Institute benchmarks corporate governance rules and honours companies under its World’s Most Ethical Companies® recognition programme; the full list of honorees is published in Ethisphere Magazine. Furthermore, the Institute is the leading centre which verifies compliance of conducted activities with corporate ethics principles through its certification programmes: Ethics Inside® Certification, Compliance Leader Verification™ and Anti-Corruption Program Verification™.
More about the award and the full list of winners at: http://ethisphere.com/worlds-most-ethical/wme-honorees/


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